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About Le Ring By Outsider

Your Ultimate Boxing School in Montreal

Le Ring by Outsider, founded and directed by Stéphane Malenou, is much more than just a coaching club. It is a community dedicated to sporting excellence and personal development. Stéphane, with his experience as a professional boxer, brings unparalleled passion and exceptional know-how to each of our members.

Stéphane Malenou, founder and main coach, embodies the spirit of Ring by Outsider. As an accomplished professional boxer, he shares his passion, expertise and commitment to excellence with every individual who walks through the club’s doors. His warm and motivating approach creates an environment conducive to personal and athletic growth.

Our Vision

Le Ring by Outsider envisions boxing as more than a sport—it's a catalyst for personal transformation. Here, Montrealers can unlock their potential, forging resilience and discipline through the art of boxing. Under Stephane Malenou's mentorship, members embrace challenges, strive for excellence, and become champions in life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and guide our members towards achieving their goals, whether in the ring or in everyday life. We believe in the importance of a holistic approach to wellbeing, combining world-class boxing training with coaching principles aimed at strengthening the mind and body.

Social Commitment

As an active member of the Outremont community, we are committed to giving back to society. The Ring by Outsider regularly hosts charity events, educational seminars and initiatives to promote healthy living. Join The Ring by Outsider and discover how the power of boxing and coaching can transform your life

Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie

Le Ring collaborates with PSNM to introduce boxing education for girls, promote physical and mental well-being, empowerment and self-defense through boxing.

College Jean-de-Brebeuf

Le Ring partners with Collège Jean de Brebeuf, offering a unique blend of fitness, self-defense, and confidence-building activities to enhance student well-being

My name is Stephane Malenou AKA Outsider. I'm a professional boxer but also a personal trainer since 2008 and this is my story.

I gave my first boxing lessons to a business clientele and renowned people at Fighthouse, a former private gym in Manhattan, New York City.

I also had the opportunity to be in partnership with the famous Parisian (gym), 50 Foch. Personal coaching is a challenge for the client and the coach. I like taking up major challenges, which is why I always accompanied clients who wish to create a radical transformation in their life.

Boxing is a part of me since I’m 12 years old. I was born in Cameroon and at the beginning of my career I was a member of the Cameroonian National Team Champion.

During the time I was an olympic scholarship, I competed for the Amateur Boxing World Cup in June 2002. Right after that I flew out to Paris in France and became a professional boxer in 2003.
In 2004 I won the French Cup of the lightweight and attained the final of the same tournament in 2005 as a walterweight.

Two years later, I Ieft Paris for New York where I trained daily at the famous “Gleason’s Gym”. In 2008 I signed a contract and won the fight versus the American boxer Riggie Holly. The fight was broadcasted on the TV channel ESPN2.

After creating the non-profit organization “Arts Cultures and Sports” in France in 2012, I headed toward Las Vegas in 2014 where I trained with Floyd Mayweather jr. and his father. I spent one year and half over there.

I was about to sign a contract with the Floyd Mayweather Promotion when I started to feel pain in my both hands, at one point my condition required a surgery and a period of rehabilitation.

In 2017 the passionate about boxing that I am joined the Grant Brothers team in Canada and I won my first fight by T.K.O versus Alejandro Herrera.Boxing build my determination, my mental strenght and my consistency to achieve my goals. It’s time for me to share with you all the benefits of boxing.

Discover Our Global Family of Elite Boxing Coaches from

Montreal to Paris, New York, and Las Vegas

Le Ring, rooted in Montreal, extends its world-class boxing training through a network of elite coaches in major cities globally. Our brand represents a unified vision of boxing excellence, connecting Montreal’s heart to Paris’s technique, New York’s intensity, and Las Vegas’s championship pedigree. Train with Olympic medalist Mohamed Bahari in Paris, experience New York’s dynamic style, and embrace Las Vegas’s pinnacle of boxing with Charvis Holifield, a member of Floyd Mayweather’s The Money Team. Le Ring’s global presence is not just about locations; it’s about bringing together the best in boxing under one distinguished banner.

Experience a Transformation That Goes Beyond Physical Bounds

Discover the 12 Benefits of Boxing at Le Ring by Outsider

Boxing is a high-intensity workout that improves heart and lung efficiency, reducing the risk of heart disease.

Engage and tone every muscle group, building strength from head to toe.

Sharpen reflexes and coordination skills, which are essential for both sports and daily activities.

Physical activity, especially boxing, releases endorphins which alleviate stress and enhance mood.

High-intensity training and muscle engagement burn calories and increase metabolism.

Regular boxing training can strengthen bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Continuous movement and punching improve flexibility and joint mobility.

Boxing challenges you mentally, fostering focus, discipline, and resilience.

Learn self-defense techniques that empower confidence and personal safety.

Private coaching ensures your fitness regime is customized to your personal health and fitness objectives

Physical exertion paired with strategic thinking in boxing clears the mind, improving concentration

Join a community of like-minded individuals, and benefit from the motivational environment of our club.

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