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Coaches Based in Montreal Qc.

Le Ring in Montreal is a hub of exceptional athletic training, featuring Mohamed Soumaoro, a professional boxer with a distinguished career, and Oleh, a seasoned running coach. Mohamed’s expertise in boxing provides a blend of technical prowess and strategic acumen, perfect for those aiming to excel in the sport. Oleh’s approach to running, covering a range of distances, is tailored to enhance performance for athletes at all levels. 


Felix Roussel

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  • Birthplace: Conakry, Guinea
  • Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Stance: Orthodox
  • Height: 170 cm

Mohamed Soumaoro, known in the boxing world as "The Black Buffalo," is a testament to skill, perseverance, and dedication. Born in Guinea and raised in the competitive rings of Montreal, Canada, Mohamed's boxing journey is one of inspiring achievements and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Impressive Record: Holds a significant win-loss record, underscoring skill and tactical expertise.

ProBox Main Event Victor: A highlight of his career includes a spectacular performance in the ProBox Main Event in Plant City, Florida, where he triumphed over the formerly unbeaten Angel "El Chocolatito" Vazquez, marking a significant milestone in his jour​​ney.

Resilience in the Ring: His career is marked by a series of wins against formidable opponents, proving his resilience and adaptability in various boxing ​​enviornments.

A Mentor and Motivator: Beyond his professional achievements, Mohamed brings to Lering Boxing Academy a wealth of experience and a passion for nurturing upcoming talents in the sport.

Tactical Brilliance: His orthodox stance and strategic approach to boxing make him a tough opponent in the ring and a wise coach outside of it.

Versatile Experience: From his early days in Guinea to the competitive arenas in Canada, Mohamed's diverse boxing experience makes him an invaluable resource for both beginners and experienced boxers.

With multiple victories and a notable presence in the ProBox TV events, Mohamed's success story is a source of inspiration for all aspiring boxers at Le​​ Ring.

Join Mohamed Soumaoro at Lering Boxing Academy and embark on a journey that pushes your limits, hones your skills, and transforms you into a formidable boxer. With Mohamed's guidance, experience world-class training that blends technical skills, strategic thinking, and physical endurance.


Coaches Based in Montreal Qc.

Get to know Your Professional Trainers